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Name: Israel Kassa Meskelle
Education: Bsc. In Statistics
Company: African Beza University College
Founded: 1998
What it does: Educational facility
HQ: Mexico, Addis Ababa
Number of Employees: 350

Startup capital: 400,000 Birr
Current capital:10,000,000 Birr
Reason for starting Business: An Entrepreneurship training made me realize that I can be both a philanthropist and a business person
Biggest plus of ownership: I can solve other people’s problems
Biggest strength: I never ever give up
Biggest weakness: I feel very bad when I let an employee go
Biggest worry: That the resources of Ethiopia are not being used properly and we are not growing as much as we can
Biggest regret: That I wasn’t more aggressive in achieving my plans in the last ten years
Favorite task: Solving problems for people who come to my office whether they are students or other clients
Most challenging task: Bureaucratic procedures
Plan: Opening a branch of Africa Beza University College in every major African city
First career: Computerizing Personnel Files at the National Bank of Ethiopia
Most interested in meeting: Bill Gates
Most Admired person: Aberash Mela, my mother
Stress reducer: Watching Movies
Favorite Book: The Power of your Subconscious Mind, The Road Less Travelled and other self-help books
Favorite Film: Documentaries
Favorite Automobile: I don’t care much for cars