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A lack of oil tankers means a fuel shortage for Addis Ababa and  the east and northwest of the country  The Ministry of Industry this week instructed all oil suppliers to provide it with data from fuel imports from 2011 to 2013 and the number of trucks the companies are using to import fuel.
In a letter addressed to every dealer operating in the country, MoI said that the companies should provide the ministry with data of transported fuel after a shortage of fuel tankers hampered the flow of fuel in Addis Ababa and major towns of the country especially in the east and north.
According to sources in the oil industry, the shortage has been created after the oil tankers were assigned to the  country’s mega projects that are being constructed throughout the country.  
The shortage of fuel has been lingering in the past couple of weeks forcing vehicles to wait in long lines. Most stations are backed up with  motorists eager to fuel, and some reported waiting in line for several hours at those places that were still able to sell petrol. However on Friday January 31, nobody was able to find oil in most of the stations in the city.
The week also saw hundreds of desperate car owners and drivers making a tour of filling stations in hopes of getting their petrol.