Ethio-Israeli concert on the side of dinner at Jazzamba

On Tuesday Jazzamba Lounge was the plac e to be as Argentinean born song writer Monica Manaker along with Addis Taem Band held an outstanding performance with their concert entitled ‘Ahun’ which means ‘Now’.
Manaker, who currently lives in Ethiopia, has been writing and composing music for years. Her musical career has taken her to many places; Israel, Argentina, Italy, Brazil and the U.S.
Her first album entitled ‘Hear it Comes’ with filled with a variation of styles and influences based on folk and pop. Her original songs in Spanish such as ‘Lluvia Chueca’ are among the favorite of her fans.
The concert held at Jazzamba that was organized by the Israeli embassy was a unique experience as it fused the two completely different Ethiopian and Israeli melodies; as opposite as they are, the two vibrant tones mixed well enough to birth a truly entertaining night.
Since Monica Manaker lives in Addis Ababa currently, it is many people’s wish to have her perform once more along with the equally impressive Addis Taem Band very soon.