Solomon Sisay


Name: Solomon Sisay
Education: College Degree
Company: E-within
Founded: 2010
What it does: Provide language trainings to hotels and companies as well as give professional development trainings.
HQ: Bole tele Tsenat Building 3rd floor, room 302
Number of Employees: 10

Startup capital: 10,000 Birr
Current capital: 150,000 Birr

Reason for starting Business: To support people and help them achieve success
Biggest plus of ownership: Changing peoples lives
Biggest strength: My ability to work well with people
Biggest weakness: Not exploring the market
Biggest worry: I do not have worries
Biggest regret: I believe that every single day is an opportunity
Favorite task: Giving trainings
Most challenging task: Personal development trainings are yet to be understood by people because of that it is hard to get clients. People are not ready to spend money on it.

Plan: We have already laid out a 20 year plan for the company
Most interested in meeting: Steve Jobs, I really admire the way he worked on his ideas
Most Admired person: My sister Misrak Sisay. She has been the inspiration for all that I do.
Stress reducer: I always say that I have all the time in the world. Getting stressed over work is not worth it. However, when I do need to relax, I meet with people, watch movies and such.
Favorite Book: New Earth, Eckhart Tolle
Favorite Film: Seven pounds