Some ecstasy from Tarabband

If you are feeling like experiencing something different in the musical area of your life, then an upcoming concert just may be what you are looking for.
Tarabband is coming all the way from Sweden to give music lovers some Arabic flavored music. The concert will be held next Saturday February 8th at Mulatu Astatke’s Africa Jazz Village at the Ghion Hotel.
Tarabband, where tarab is an Arabic term meaning ecstasy, draws their inspiration for their music from Baghdad, Cairo and Malmö in Sweden, mixing Sufism with pop and folk music.
Ecstasy is the key word, Tarabband’s music brings about an atmosphere of passionate connection between the performers and the audiences.
The beautiful and charismatic lead singer Nadin Al Khalidi visits her roots from Cairo and Baghdad and mixes it with Swedish flavor. The lead singer is supported by five other musicians who play their musical instruments like nobody’s business. If you go you will hear  both traditional Arabic songs and their own flavored music with a twist.
The whole event is being organized by Mulatu Astatke’s Africa Jazz Village and Selam Ethiopia, a non- profit organization established in 2005. As the aim of the organization is to promote music and cultural diversity, it has been carrying out its mission through a series of musical festivals and other events.
Mark the date of the concert on your calendar and don’t miss the opportunity to experience Tarab.