The common notion of ‘democracy’ or ‘democratic governance’ is something that goes more or less like this. If a polity comes to power based on majority of casted votes, then it is democratically elected. Moreover, once such an entity assumes state power, it can do, again more or less, what it wants, so long as its policy/pronouncements don’t perceptibly go against the constitution (written laws) of the country. In the turbulent world we currently find ourselves in, this long established maxim is being challenged vigorously! What gives? Or advancing a more proactive intention, ‘What is to be done?’ Or is it yet another signal for a more pointed case of ‘The State and Revolution?’
If truth be told, many a power holder entity/party hardly gets through an electoral process comprising at least 50% of eligible votes. In principle, elections that do not involve at least 50% of eligible votes cannot be considered democratic, since they lack the meaningful participation of the majority of the Demos (mass.) In regards to aspects of this particular problematic, modern informatics can give a convenient easy answer. Just let all eligible voters cast their votes via their mobile phones, e-mail, etc. (make them available to all) and be done with the whole tedious ritual. But this approach raises a thorny issue! Recent revelation (Snowden et al) highlighted the obsessive desire of (global) establishments to mercilessly control all of the beast’s (human mass) activities (freedom, privacy, etc.).  Naturally such revelations have further undermined trust/credibility of the state. The other side of this same coin is; the status quo itself doesn’t want such potentially transparent widespread democratic dispensation to take root. After all, one of the reasons the ‘demo’ is turned off from participating in political processes is because of the cumbersome rituals of electioneering. If such a process is facilitated and genuinely implemented, it means the plebian can get directly involved in the decision making of the state, particularly when it comes to important matters of; declaring wars on others, bailing out banksters, implement universal healthcare, etc. Obviously, the entrenched global plutocracy will fight tooth & nail to hinder such a deepening democratization from becoming the norm in the functioning of nation states. Does this mean ‘The State & Revolution’ is on the horizon?
The 21st century beast (demos) will not be the same as those of previous eras. Increased knowledge, compliment of informatics, about all & sundry as well as a good grasp of the detail workings of the world system, has visibly raised the ‘demos’ general consciousness. But the entrenched ruling entities’ reaction to this reality is to increase surveillance so that all initiatives of the ‘demos’ will be completely controlled, hence frustrated by ‘big brother’! Whether this finely tuned machine can ultimately subdue and control the ‘free will’ of the beast is something that remains to be seen. Unlike before however, the beast is now quite aware of the rigid Orwellian order and will try to articulate its future prudently. Here is an ascending reaction of the demos that is interrogating one of the fundamentals of the established order. It goes something like this. Just because Mr. O/party is voted to power, it doesn’t mean he/party can enact all sorts of nonsense and expect the beast to obey him/them blindly!
The beasts in Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Ukraine, etc., are all in a mood of rebelliousness derived from the above notion. They reckon, their democratically elected officials just don’t cut it and need to be replaced, with or without the usual sanctioned protocol of vacuous electioneering!  To the astute however, this is nothing short of calling to task the very concept of ‘representative democracy’! Obviously the beast is sick and tired of going through the arduous ritual of (mechanical) elections and vote (the least bad) from the given ones, (disallowing others under all sorts of pretexts) only to see the elected renegade on their campaign promises. But this is not surprising (at least in the developed west) since the elected are also members of the plutocracy, hence cannot effect change! The new phenomenon of physically occupying streets in reaction to new decisions by the power that be, (i.e., of defying elected polities), is gaining currency all over. Unless political governance becomes more in tune with the aspiration of the collective beast, this phenomenon will become pronounced in the years to come. One old school has labeled this new tendency ‘mobocracy’, the rule of the mobs!
“A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud. Such a society, no matter how long it persists, can never afford to become either tolerant or intellectually stable. It can never permit either the truthful recording of facts or the emotional sincerity that literary creation demands.” George Orwell. Good Day!