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The Addis Ababa City Roads Authority has drafted a new regulation to be enforced to make roads safer and more efficient.
More people are vandalizing public property and being irresponsible in ways that pose a danger to public safety, according to the document.
According to the drafted document, things are happening on sidewalks that are huge safety hazards and constrict traffic flow. Dumping construction materials, washing cars, illegal parking, setting up tents or pavilions for exhibitions, throwing out garbage and vending illegally all make the public’s environment unsafe.
Roads are also being inappropriately used in ways that damage roads and block traffic. Construction sites often close off roads because employees dump construction materials like cement, steel, and soil that is dug up for the project.
Drainage systems through out the city are also under a lot of pressure as it is misused by different establishment owners as well as residences. The document states that often time people dig up the drainage systems so that it will connect with their residence’s sewage system while hotels as well as factories also engage in similar activities to get rid of their liquid waste.
The drafted regulation lists several offences that will be punishable by fines. Among these are dumping solid waste on the streets by residents will be fined 100 birr, similarly, if it is from an industry the fine will be 7,000 birr and from health facilities 5,000 birr.
Dumping construction materials on sidewalks or roads will be punishable by 1,000 birr while selling or moving livestock on roads will be followed by a hefty fine of 8,000 birr.
The document states that individuals who knowingly or unknowingly cause damage to public properties such as street lights, traffic signs or traffic lights will be fined 500 birr. Urinating and defecation will also be punishable by 50 birr.
Posting advertisements without permission from appropriate bodies on electric poles, bridges and other areas is to be punishable by 500 birr.
The regulations will be enforced by the Law Enforcement Office, by the police as well as the road administration.