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Name: Birke Yami
Education: MSc in Urban Design
Company: Development Partners
Founded: 2006
What it does: Consult clients in Urban Planning works
HQ: Lafto
Number of Employees: 7 on a contractual basis
Reason for starting Business: Professional interest and better income
Biggest plus of ownership: I manage my money, I choose my projects and I motivate myself to look for new opportunities
Biggest strength: My professional knowledge and long years of experience
Biggest weakness: My time management skills
Biggest worry: Getting contracts on a sustainable basis
Biggest regret: I have always done the best I could in every situation in my life
Favorite task: When I have done something that makes a difference and get things done every task is my favorite
Most challenging task: Shortage of data and time can make any task challenging
Plan: Expanding the company’s line of work, forming sister companies and getting involved in other sectors including agriculture
First Career: Junior Architect at the National Urban Planning Institute
Most interested in meeting: Oprah Winfrey
Most Admired person: Nelson Mandela
Stress reducer: Walking, traveling outside Addis Ababa, listening to radio, and watching films
Favorite Book: Professional books on Architecture and Urban Planning as well as Spiritual books
Favorite Film: The Pursuit of Happiness, 7 Pounds
Favorite Automobile: Toyota Land Cruiser