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With landing  big time coaches a farfetched dream; speculations about the appointment of a new head coach in place of booted out Sewnet Bishaw are flying high. Currently there are three names in the rumor mill. Although some foreign coaches, including free-service Tom Seintfeint, applied for the job, many critics believe the Ethiopian Football Federation is in no mood to bring in a foreign big name head coach.
According to rumors, former Guna Trade, Methara Sugar, Sebeta Town, national women (Lucy) and Dedebit coach Abraham T/Haimanot is the favorite to claim the hot seat along with Yemen Olympic team coach Abraham Mebratu and South African based Eshete Feleke. With public support to the media hyper inflated Waliya-Antelope down to a recent time low and Sewnet Bishaw unceremoniously kicked out, the federation gave one week to the Technical Department to come up with a local candidate or suggest an alternate option. Ho wever, many including the media outlets raised questions wondering if the department famous for playing with numbers is capable of this particular responsibility. 
Since both candidates Abraham and Eshete are foreign based and hardly acquainted with Waliyas’ current status and were last heard from when sacked from Dedebit and with Abraham having a poor record at the club levels many doubt the speculation in fear of the sport’s further backward slide. “Is there any criteria set for the head coach position? What about qualification and job description? Why not an open vacancy notification?” These are few questions raised among football fans. “Sewnet set the goal so high in qualifying to nation’s cup final after three decades therefore anyone coming must achieve better otherwise to be cursed by fans,” Zelalem Wolde remarked. “I don’t think anyone of the above mentioned three could fill Sewnet’s boot,” he added.