OPDO President Alemayehu Atomsa resigns


The Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO), one of the four member parties of the ruling EPRDF, accepted its President Alemayehu Atomsa’s resignation on Monday February 17.
Alemayehu, who is one of the youngest leaders of EPRDF, has been head of OPDO since September 2010.
On February 18 his party OPDO disclosed that it has accepted his resignation to step-down from his presidency due to health related issue.
Sources who are closed to the issue told Capital that the president has requested the resignation in different occasion, while the party had rejected his request. Sources said that Alemayehu has frequently visited health facilities aboard for treatment.
Alemayehu is also said to be hailed by his strength and leadership charisma. Since he came to power the president has been taking serious measures on corruption and lack of good governance in the region.
Within few months after he replaced Abadual Gemeda for the regional state presidency several officials in Oromia Regional State has been arrested on allegations of corruption.
The party has not yet announced who will replace him.