Michael Eshetu


Name: Michael Eshetu
Education: Diploma 
Company: Miki Mobile
Founded: 2010
What it does: Sells mobile phones and provides maintenance service
HQ: Megenagna Number of Employees: One

Startup capital: 15,000 Birr
Current capital: 50,000 Birr
Reason for starting Business: I wanted to become my own boss and have financial freedom.
Biggest plus of ownership: I do things on my own terms
Biggest strength: I really work hard and people know that about me
Biggest weakness: I get upset quickly when dealing with certain things
Biggest worry: I don’t really have any worries
Biggest regret: None
Favorite task: When people come to me with something that needs to be fixed and I help them with it, it is very satisfying
Most challenging task: Different people walk into my establishment everyday and dealing with all those diverse personalities might get challenging.
Plan: I would like to expand this business but I also have a plan to venture into a different business as well 
First Career: Teacher
Most interested in meeting: Steve Jobs
Favorite past time: I spend mostly at church and then I also hang out with my friends
Stress reducer: Reading books
Favorite Book: I read a lot of spiritual books
Favorite Film: Good Deeds
Favorite Automobile: BMW