Simply put, science is a discipline of procedural inquiry into things (material or otherwise) that are amenable to logical reasoning as well as verifiable experimentation while remaining open to the terror of falsification, at least in the theoretical departments. Consequently, science cannot always remain dogmatic. Moreover, natural philosophy (science) is/was mostly interested in unraveling the mysteries of nature. On the other hand, technology is a utility oriented occupation that thrives by continuously manipulating all and sundry. The making of products/services, by leveraging the science of the underlying stuff is its forte or even its raison d’être. Since even the unthinking beast (human mass) is familiar with what profit is, we won’t waste precious ink/paper over its elaboration. Our prevailing modern world system is shaped, technically speaking, with the collaboration of the above trinity. As profit became increasingly obsessed with its continuous reproduction a la corporatism and technology progressed by leaps and bounds, essentially as subservient to profit, pure science was callously and silently neglected, unless it was/is tangibly promising future profits. Today, a clear dissonance is firmly established in the science-technology-profit nexus! What gives?
We will elaborate. Radiation chemistry along with special relativity paves the way to nuclear science and soon thereafter to nuclear technology, which resulted in the production/use of atomic/nuclear weapons. In addition, energy production using nuclear energy (to boil water– steam to turn turbines, all the time expecting profit from the activity) also became another off shoot of nuclear physics. Suffocating establishment rhetoric aside, WMD (nuclear weapons of mass destruction) are leveraged essentially to make sure those who wield them can dominate and potentially monopolize the world and its resources, again for profitable purposes. Nonetheless, such dominations/activities don’t come cheap as witnessed all over. And it is at this point profit usually exits the scene (nuclear waste processing ect.). Fukushima is a massive nightmare global establishment doesn’t want us to even think about, let alone deliberate on. In fact it is now illegal to speak/tell the truth, not only about Fukushima, but also about almost all of the other nuclear power plants/arsenals on earth, because the truth can obstruct the accumulation process by bringing undesired issues, such as the survival of Homo sapiens and other life forms into the crude calculus of profit! According to the bible of modernity, wholly sustained by the interstate system (all nation states), the drive for profit is now sacrosanct and by implication the continuity of life is not as non-negotiable as it used to be!
Better understanding of the life sciences has given us cure for so many aliments. At the same time that same knowledge has allowed us to produce biological weapons of mass destruction. Even in the effort to cure diseases, profit still remains paramount. Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth: “We did not develop this medicine for Indians,” said Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers at a pharmaceutical forum. “We developed it for Western patients who can afford it.” The comment was uttered in utter disbelief and resentment when the CEO of Bayer found out an Indian company was making a generic version of the cancer treatment drug that costs around $100,000 in the US (for a year.) The poor Indian company was recklessly and not very profitably (a mortal sin according to the bible of accumulation) doing it for the measly $300.
We admit there are plenty of perverted souls fully indoctrinated and completely enslaved by the neoliberal logic that would find our musing pitiful. These cretins of dominant interest usually argue; the company has incurred serious costs in developing the drug. It might well be true, but one fact must be asserted; almost all of the basic researches (science) that ultimately give rise to such drugs (technology) are undertaken by public research institutions, mostly universities and the poor suckers within them, the scientists. We resent the repugnant logic of profit as personified by the CEO. As unreconstituted moralists/humanists, we emphatically assert; ‘the main purpose of society is life and not money. Money is only a means not an end!’ 
Here is another enlightening article that portrays the increasing rupture within the not so holy trinity (science-technology-profit.) We believe such interesting facts should be looked at carefully, particularly by a segment of our local beast (human mass), which is ferociously foraging raw meat, stuff full of chemical junk, including refined sugar…, as if there is no tomorrow. If the waistline of its youth is anything to go by, then we can kiss our future health good bye! Thanks to the incapacity of our regulatory bodies, Ethiopia is now a Mecca for all kinds of marketing experiments packing potent carcinogenic food & beverages. According to one study we are certainly on our way to becoming, ironically a poor diabetic nation.
Our stand on progress has always been very clear, or as the famous Irish writer put it: “Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is humanity’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.” Oscar Wilde (1854-1900.) Good Day!