AA sport Commissionar Tesfaye Omega’s leadership in question


Addis Ababa sport Commission Commissionar  Tesfaye Omega stated that the 64,000 seat Akaki Stadium might not be constructed despite the 8.7 million Birr that has already been paid for an approved design and the announcement of the construction bid winner. 
The former  vice commissioner ,Ato Daniel Darge disclosed   that 13 tax exempted containers reached Addis Ababa customs with only twelve reaching their final destination with one disappearing into thin air.
An investigative story on the federation’s lack of transparency and lack of good governance was aired on the ETV weekly show, “Aynachen” on Saturday leaving the sport family awe struck.
According to the report, 8 million Birr was already paid for the approved design of the much talked about 48,000 seater Akaki stadium that included a swimming pool and three football fields with an estimated cost of 1.3 Billion Birr. The project was supposed to be launched two years before but so far there has been no progress and local fans are expressing disappointment.
The president said it has taken a long time to investigate the situation. Maybethe dream of having a stadium could be a nightmare for Akaki. “The construction may or may not come true,” remarked Tesfaye.
The work on projects inside Abebe Bikila stadium has been inconsistent as well. For example, the running track construction has not started despite bids time and again. Thirteen tax exempted containers full of construction materials for the stadium reached Ethiopia via the Customs Authority, yet one loaded with undisclosed items is nowhere to be found.
“I wrote letters uponletters concerning the situation but I have not gotten a reply from AtoTesfaye,” the former commissioner Daniel told the presenter.
Problems stated include delays in the handover of the Ras Hailu gymnasium due to quality issues, delayed construction on the Yeka sub-city athletics village, despite the design already being approved, a 17 million birr tennis court that has not been constructed and the attempted organizing of a city football club without legal backing. The difficulties are being blamed on Tesfaye Omega and attempts by the media to get his side of the story have not born fruit.
AbebeBikila stadium has been under construction for more than two decades while Ras Hailu gymnasium has been years in the making.