Seid Nureye


Name: Seid Nureye
Education: Diploma in design
Company: Seid Nureye Design
Founded: 2012
What it does: Designs female and male clothes
HQ: Bole Market Center in front of Belen Building
Number of Employees: 4

Startup capital: One Birr
Current capital: Growing
Reason for starting Business: I have always wanted to be a designer and get a better income.
Biggest plus of ownership: The freedom to make my choices, achieve my goals and have great quality products.
Biggest strength: I never ever give up
Biggest weakness: I constantly procrastinate when problems come up
Biggest worry: When work isn’t done on schedule
Biggest regret: I wish I had the ability to help those who are less fortunate
Favorite task: Seeing my customers walk away satisfied
Most challenging task: Promoting my business
Plan: To become a household name, open big shops everywhere and have more employees
First Career: Replacing zippers for clothes at Le Monde.
Most interested in meeting: Bill Gates
Favorite past time: Watching movies
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Film: Fire with Fire
Favorite Automobile: Hyundai