Sileshi DemessIe presents evoking music

Last week Thursday, music lovers gathered at the Friendship International Hotel to listen to Sileshi Demessie aka Gash Abera Molla sing about the old days and ways of Addis Ababa and the rest of the country.
The artist performed songs from his new and highly appreciated album entitled ‘Yamral Hagere’. His songs especially from the new album have been well received as the music brought back memories of older traditional songs.
His lyrics touch up on simple and fun subjects such as old traditions of weddings and the old scenery of Addis Ababa. His song about the Abay River (Blue Nile) has touched and continues to touch many people’s hearts, especially now as the subject of the River has been in the spotlight.
Sileshi can manipulate the Kirar, traditional musical instrument that has some similarities with a guitar, he has had so many years of experience playing the instrument that it has become second nature to him.
The full house concert was not only a delight for the ears but also for the eyes. The music played was accompanied by colorful dancers as well as other performers that acted out the music’s lyrics dramatically.
The concert concluded with a dramatic performance to the song ‘Yameral Hagere’ where dancers that included the old and young alike, in the different Ethiopian cultural clothes gave a show that was well choreographed. The song and the performance attempted to show the harmony of the different nations and nationalities in the country as well as depict religious co-existence. There was also a performance of ‘Shelela’ which is an old Ethiopian war song that brought people to their feet.
The concert that was organized by Diageo, which is also the main sponsor of the album was truly an event not to be missed.