Addis Light Rail Transit Project passes halfway mark


Addis Ababa’s Electrified Light Rail Transit project has passed the halfway mark with 56 per cent of the project completed, said the Ethiopian Railways Corporation, a government entity entrusted to oversee the construction of modern railway infrastructure in the country.   
With its current pace of installation, the Ethiopian Railway Corporation is confident that the project will come to a conclusion well ahead of the Growth and Transformation Plan period, which is just a year away.   
“The progress is well on  time and we are monitoring the project progress carefully,” said Yehualaeshet Jemere, Construction and Project Execution Department Chief at the Ethiopian Railways Corporation.   
The Light Rail Transit project is one of the mega projects the corporation is focusing on. In terms of security, an automatic train protection system will be placed into the train system to ensure safety.   
It will allow the train to stop the train during emergencies. The corporation is closely monitoring the project to ensure its proper installation and operation.   
The  entire railway will cover 34.24 kilometers (North-South line 16.9 km and East-West line 17.35 km). It will have a capacity of transporting 80,000 passengers per hour.