Dancing for a better world

Thursday 6th of March celebrated the art of dance at a show entitled “Dance for Change” held at the Alliance éthio-française.
The performance by former members of the Adugna Community Dance, Addisu Demissie and Junaid Jemal Sendi, present three different dance pieces, “Ene man negn”, “Tilla” and “Ekul Mizan”, along with a short documentary film about the new Destino Dance Company.
Both the performers are internationally acclaimed dancers and strong advocates for the power of dance in changing people’s lives.
Addisu Demissie is the company’s leading choreographer. He has danced at the Pompidou Center in Paris and in Duisberg, Germany.  In 2009, he traveled to the UK to take part in the “Destino” performance at Sadler’s Wells Theater and on tour.
The other star of the show and fellow dancer is Junaid Jemal Sendi who is also an acclaimed dancer. He is the first African and youngest dancer to ever receive the Rolex Protégé Award.
Junaid has also choreographed various performances including Adugnas’ production for the 5th African and Indian Ocean Choreographic Festival held in Madagascar in 2003 where they stood fourth in the competition. The artist believes he is a transformed man and an instrument of change for his family, his community and his country.
Together, these two artists are a force to reckon with, once they take the stage.