Tanzania makes its stand on Nile clear


Tanzania wants the Nile waters to be shared by all countries it passes through. The affirmation was made last week by President Jakaya Kikwete when having talks in Dar es Salaam with an Egyptian Envoy to the president, Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy who had been sent by Egyptian Interim President Adly Mansour to present a message to President Kikwete calling for strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.
After their talks, President Kikwete commented on the use of Nile waters stressing the position of Tanzania that it was the right of every country that has a river running through it to use that water for its development.
“All countries where the river flows , in one way or another, have the same rights to use the river water for their country’s development,” this is Tanzania ‘s position, said President Kikwete, adding that he believes in fair use of water in all countries where the river flows.
President Kikwete’s stand on Nile River water utilization comes at a time when there are deadlocks in talks between Ethiopia and Egypt over the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.
(East African Business Week)