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Name: Belay Tadesse
Education: 10 +2
Company: Kedus Fanuel General Metal and Aluminum Works
Founded: 2005
What it does: Metal and Aluminum work 
HQ: Just past the Summit roundabout
Number of Employees: 8

Startup capital: 2,000  Birr
Current capital: 450,000 birr
Reason for starting Business: I always wanted to run my own business because it gives me freedom
Biggest plus of ownership: Being in a position to provide others with a job
Biggest strength: I do not get frustrated easily, when I face challenges I always find solutions
Biggest weakness: I sometimes don’t handle customers well but I am working on that
Biggest worry: Rent is worrying as it rises unexpectedly and there is also the possibility of not becoming profitable, I have gone through that before
Favorite task: I love my job because I cross paths with different interesting people that bring opportunities
Most challenging task: Meeting deadlines, sometimes customers get upset because of that
Plan: I want to see the business grow and eventually bring in new modern technology
First Career: My Machine operators’ assistant
Most admired person: I admire my first boss because he didn’t have anything when he started out and he made something of himself
Favorite past time: I like Googling different designs for my work and reading about new techniques. I also like going out of town
Favorite Book: It has been a while since I have read a book because I do not have a lot of time, I mostly enjoy reading newspapers
Favorite Film: Semayawi Feres
Favorite Automobile: Peugeot