Et introduces new evaluation for all employees


ethio telecom (et), the state owned monopoly will begin operational standard measurement with its employees with the goal of fitting them with a significant qualification.
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT) in collaboration with the federal Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Agency has finalized the tools that help to measure et staff.
According to the ministry officials, 15 job divisions including the management have already been selected as the standards for measuring et workers. Measurement tools for every division have already been accomplished and approved by the government and trainees who will undertake the measurement.
Andualem Admassie, acting CEO of et, told media that the current measurement is not meant to assign employees to new positions or reshuffling them after the measurement. “But it will help us to know the standard and limitations of our employees that contribute for us and to fill the gaps for our employees with new trainings and other ways of making things better,” he said.
It will also apply for new comers that join the telecom giant, but on this case et will never hire new employees who are under the standards set on this scheme.
Currently, et has 11,000 employees throughout the country and almost all of them will be included in the new measurement. Ethio Telecom is one of the 14 institutes that are included in this measurement.
“The telecom sector is going through frequent changes in terms of technology and other things so the current measurement will shape employees and maximize their capacity,” officials said.
On Wednesday March 19 the ministry held a workshop about the new scheme for management and staff of et. 
According to the plan the employees will be measured at a time they are undertaking their work. But before the implementation training will be given by local or international experts for selected individuals who will evaluate the measurement.