Last Sunday there were two referenda in Europe and both concerned secessions, i.e., some of the people in both countries wanted to severe ties with their respective larger nation states. Establishment (global) media hardly mentioned the one that took place in the heart of Western Europe and was only vexed about the Black Sea peninsula that is Crimea. Actually, voting on the referendum continued in this Western enclave until this past Friday. The regional state of Veneto, the richest region in Italy, with its unique and famous city of Venice (the region is also part of Italy’s industrial heartland) is entertaining secession from the Italian state!   
As usual, if entrenched global interests do not favor certain news item, it will automatically be slighted, ignored or condemned. By and large the global mission of paid media (both state and private) is not to tell the truth, but rather to distort/spin it in such a way as to insinuate, inundate, etc., towards hidden agenda. Today’s global indoctrination is such that the gullible beast (global human mass) will gulp all and sundry spewed by the paid media without interrogating the intentions behind, and secession is no exception. For instance according to the preaching of entrenched interests, the issue of secession is to be associated only with ‘backward looking’ nations and not with so-called democracies in the West (OECD–rich countries.) Be that as it may, in the particular case of Veneto, the desires of the leaders vying for independence are, (it seems the initiative is widely supported – according to one poll cessation is favored by over 60% of the regional population) amongst other things, transparent/accountable economic and political governance as well as lasting peace. To this effect, the new republic (to be named ‘The Venetian Republic’) wants to withdraw from NATO! NATO has become an institution preoccupied with frightening belligerence, particularly after the end of the cold war (carnage in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, …)
The Scottish referendum, (to disassociate from the United Kingdom) is scheduled to take place in September of this year and is essentially driven by the same basic concerns. Dignified citizenship, (not attitudes of yore) accountable and transparent governance coupled with peaceful coexistence with all nations, is once again what the Scottish seem to want, first and foremost! Consequently, if the referendum results in a new republic, the Scottish would also want to leave NATO! Catalonians are also gearing up for secession from the Spanish state. Is it the desire for peace that is fuelling secessions all over? We hope so, but there are also other underlying issues operating behind the scene. A conspicuous absence of meaningful and actionable democracy (in many countries of the world) has gradually convinced the governed mass not to blindly vow to the old conventional nation-state arrangements, especially when important matters are increasingly executed outside the ambit of genuine democratic deliberations. For example, the consideration of economic policies /doctrines and wars seem to have left the world of democracy completely and are increasingly managed/mismanaged/treated by entrenched interests, i.e., the reigning plutocracy (think ‘deep state’)! Notice the recent elections of top office holders in Club Med (Italy, Greece Spain, etc…).
When formal electoral democracy is clearly and visibly failing the beast, within the larger setup, secession presents itself as an alternative, particularly amongst those who feel there exist shared values, coherent strategy and harmonious relationships between them. From Veneto to Crimea, from Scotland to Moldova (Transnistria); from Catalonia, to Eastern Ukraine, etc., it is the same driving force that operates behind secessional aspirations. As long as centralized nation-states keep on failing in delivering the goods (not only material) to their humble beasts, state dislocations of one kind or another are bound to continue unabated!
There is a lesson to all of us here. The beast might not be knowledgeable about the technical workings of the system, but there are certain common issues that can easily galvanize it to take to the streets, wherever and whenever. In all these commotions however, humanity must sincerely try to make the 21st century different from the war intense one of the recent past. To this end, the global beast must demand and also thrive (in as much as possible) to abolish military alliances worldwide. The old Warsaw Pact (military alliance of the USSR) is no more and NATO must follow suit! Here is what the new bear has to say about NATO. “NATO remains a military alliance, and we are against having a military alliance making itself at home right in our own backyard; in our historic territory. I simply cannot imagine that we would travel to Sevastopol to visit NATO sailors. Of course, most of them are wonderful guys, but it would be better to have them come and visit us, be our guests, rather than the other way round.” Vladimir Putin. Good Day!