Addis sidewalks: where life happens

Sidewalks in Addis Ababa are the setting for many interesting stories. Walking down the street, there are the shoe shine boys waiting for business, car washers, the vendors carrying candy, gum, tissue paper and cigarettes, people chewing Khat or having coffee. Sidewalks in Addis Ababa are multi-purpose; from shops to cafes sometimes it seems people forget they are for walking.
The stories of the sidewalks are now captured through the work of Tessema Getahun. His exhibition opened at Asni Gallery on Thursday March 20th.
Tessema’s Photographs capture the everyday occurrence of the life that filled the sidewalks of Addis Ababa. His pictures show the amazing chaos how sidewalks can be.
The artist who taught himself photography has been documenting Addis Ababa’s sidewalks and other Ethiopian stories for over a decade creating an impressive archive of over fifty thousand images.
Tessema born in 1950, studied Business Administration and acquired his B.Sc. degree from California State University Fresno (CSUF) in 1974. He worked for the Agricultural Industrial Development Bank (AIDB) and Ethiopian Beverage Corporation until he started running his own private business in 1981.
The exhibition at Asni Gallery will stay open until April 5th. As the photographs show what we normally see everyday walking around, it definitely inspires those who visit the exhibition to get their phones out and take pictures as well.
Tessema has proved that you don’t have to professionally learn to take photographs, so go ahead and visit the show and be inspired to experiment with your camera as well. Who knows, it might be your exhibition people will rave about next time!