ArifZefen holds its second session with Ethiopian musicians

The Internet has expanded opportunities for people who are creative and determined. For musicians it has become one of the most effective ways to promote themselves and earn an income. ArifZefen, a multi channel online music streaming service has been gaining popularity among the Ethiopian Diaspora held its second discussion session with well known Ethiopian musicians last week at the Sheraton Addis.
The discussion focused on how CD sales are going down and the next steps for the music industry.
“At ArifZefen, we believe that Ethiopian artists should benefit directly from the online consumption of their music. Today, however, they are faced with a widening technological gap, copyright concerns, and illegal downloading that is harming the music industry. CD sales in Ethiopia and all over the world have plummeted and are being replaced by online streaming. Music professionals need a reliable, popular online platform to promote, release and sell their music. That is what we try to bring in our technology,” Beakal Tekola, co-founder of ArifZefen, stated.
The company also announced that it has released an improved version of its android app that is designed to minimize bandwidth usage based on the user’s location and network type. This especially is good news for fans in Ethiopia where Internet connectivity is a challenge.
ArifZefen also recently released two volumes of Teddy Afro’s singles collection online. The service provider promises to continue to come up with new and exciting additions regularly in order to satisfy its 300,000 plus users and the more to come.