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Esayas Abebe
Education: Diploma in Theology
Company: Yeabzer General Trading Plc.
Founded: 2007
First Career: Auto Mechanic
What it does: Sells Stationary and Computer Accessories, Tour & Travel, Gemstones & Jewelry sales and export
HQ: Blen Building around Bole Mehanialem Church, 1st floor
Number of Employees: 24
Startup capital: 100,000  Birr
Current capital: 11 million Birr
Reason for starting Business: I wanted to be financially independent and manage my time
Biggest plus of ownership: Financial freedom, creating employment opportunities for many people, introducing Ethiopian Gems to the world
Biggest strength: My ethics and I communicate with top gemstone companies globally
Biggest weakness: Time management. I have too many responsibilities
Biggest worry: It is very hard to work legally in the gemstone industry of this country. Our suppliers sometimes refuse to provide receipts
Biggest regret: My company helps 20 orphans. I wish we could help more
Favorite task: Giving excellent and courteous service to customers
Most challenging task: Navigating bureaucratic hurdles.
Plan: To open a big jewelry company.
Most interested in meeting: The late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi.
Favorite past time: Watching movies.
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Film: Titanic
Favorite Automobile: Jeep