Photographs of change

The art of photography can be used as a tool more powerful than words: to conserve history, to bring to light important issues, to make people laugh or to move their soul. A photograph can be a motivator or the beginning of change.   Bearing the above in mind, talented former students of the Master Fine Arts and Vocational Training Center held a photography exhibition that officially opened on April 9th at the National Theater Art Gallery.
With the title “Photography Art: Enhancing Image Building and Social Change” the exhibition aims to promote Ethiopia’s positive side while shining a much needed light on the country’s rich history and culture. It has another goal, contributing to the National Image Bank so the history as well and significant events can be recorded and kept in perpetuity.
Capital’s own Daniel Getachew participated in the exhibition, and his photograph entitled “Borena Beauty”, a black and white picture showing beautiful women of Borena walking up a road, received much fanfare at the event.
Master Film and Communication has for long been the primary and most recognized institute that has graduated students who have gone on to become well recognized photographers. The exhibition opened this week and will stay on until April 13th for the public.