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Full Name: Thomas Engida    
Education: 12th grade diploma
Company Title: Next Auto Dealer
Title: Owner and General Manager
Founded: 2000
What it does: sell used cars
HQ: Around CMC Area Number Of Employees: 7

Reason for starting Business: to have my own company
Biggest plus of ownership: I love my job
Biggest strength: I work very hard and firmly believe in quality
Biggest weakness: none that I know of
Biggest risk: starting the business without any consultation from family and friends
Smartest move: starting the business in confidence
Biggest worry: increasing rental fees
Favorite task: my current job
Most challenging task: I can’t remember one now
Plan: expanding my business 
First career: auto mechanic
Mostadmired person: Haile Gebresillasie
Most interested in meeting: Bill Gates
Stress reducer: Walking Favorite past time: watching soccer games
Favorite book: Yelimizhat
Favorite desitination: Lalibela
Favorite Film: Yewondoch Guday
Favorite Automobile: BMW X5