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In Ethiopia we have not yet developed an understanding or taste for installation art. We are still into the traditional painting and sculpting forms.
There is a new exhibition in town that is a bit different. The project called “I am because you are” is a field recording and live electronics audio project conceived during the SUNHOO Park Artistic Residence, Hang Zhou, China and then developed during two other Artistic Residencies in Ethiopia and Iceland.
The creative venture uses two different approaches: Recording the field sound in the land to explore and investigate the acoustic identity and video documentation at dusk.
“I am because you are” is also an interactive installation. Those who visit the exhibition can merge sounds and images, all recorded at dusk, mixing scenarios and acoustic identities from dramatically evolving places such as China and Ethiopia and natural and quiet sounds and visions from Iceland.
The artist behind all this is composer, pianist, and performer Alessandro Olla who studied piano, composition and electronic music. After leaving the academic perspective of music, he started experimentation, improvisation and using electronics both in music composition and on the stage.
In 2007 he started  SIGNAL,  an advanced music and cross-media art festival. Since 2001 from 2005 he has been organizing an annual festival for improvisation and music research, based on workshops and performances in Cagliari.
He now lives and works mainly in Cagliari where in 1995 he founded a center called TiConZero that is dedicated to music research and theatre experimentation.
The “I am because you are” exhibition will open on Wednesday, April 30th 2014 at the Italian Cultural Center.