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The Ethiopian government is calling Egypt back to the dialogue table in order for the countries to see the mutual benefits of the Ethiopian hydroelectric project construction on the TekurAbay River (Blue Nile).

The government on several occasions has called on Egyptian officials to re-resume the discussions instead of going in other directions.
Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt will be the only countries allowed to be involved,  “The only option is to collaborate for mutual benefit,” Dina Mufti (Amb), spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told Capital.
PM Hailemariam Desalegn, during his report to the parliament on Thursday April 24, said that his government is undertaking diplomatic work to convince the Egyptian government to return to the tripartite negotiations.
The tripartite talks that were held at Khartoum, Sudan came to a halt without a final agreement. The tripartite talks included officials and experts of the three downstream countries.
“The Egyptian officials know Ethiopia’s stand about the project,” Ambassador Dina said.
Ethiopia is currently constructing the multibillion dollar hydro power project on the Abay River that will generate 6,000mw of electric power when it is fully accomplished.
Some amount of the power is expected to begin generating in the coming year.
Since the tripartite talks that aimed to implement recommendations given by an international panel of experts over the construction of its hydroelectric dam on the Abay River stopped, Egypt has been trying to lobby the international community mainly, the countries whose companies are involved in the project. Egypt has also said that it will go to the International Court and the Security Council.
The PM stated that his government is preparing to respond if Egypt decides to issue its dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to the United Nations.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy traveled to the US and met with government and UN officials last week. The US reportedly will deliver 10 Apache helicopters to the most populated Arab country.