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The European Union Delegation to Ethiopia commended Ethiopian government for effectual use of its development aid.
The Head of the European Union Delegation to Ethiopia Ambassador Hebberecht Chantal said the government of Ethiopia has been implementing the development support it gets from the European Union effectively.
Recalling that the allocation of 80 per cent of the aid goes through the government budget or Multi-donor Trust Fund, she said that this money is being properly used for the planned projects.
There is political, economical and diplomatic diversification of cooperation between the two parts, she said, adding that they successfully implemented the 10th European Development Fund in the past five years, 2009-2013.
According to Ambassador Hebberecht, road infrastructure, agriculture, food security and good governance were some of the major areas of cooperation in this Fund.
The financial allocation of that fund was first 634 million Euros but the enveloped pledge was raised after the 1st term anniversary of the cooperation agreement.
An additional 45 million Euros was granted for regional programs and 40 million Euros was provided for additional materials, she added. “The government made great strides in Education, Health, Water Sanitation and Infrastructure which the European Union also supports,” the Ambassador added.
The 10th European Development Fund (EDF) was already completed in 2013; consequently, EU pledged another 745 million Euros in its 11th EDF to be implemented from 2014 to 2220, she stated.
The money will go to  agriculture, food security, health and the private sectors.
According to Ambassador Hebberecht the agriculture and food security incorporates not only productivity but also conservation and management of natural resources.
The pledge will also cover the health sector, road infrastructure and renewable energy sectors, she added.
(Walta Information Center)