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After the renaissance a good portion of humans and their social organizations started to become more rational and less dogmatic in their interactions between themselves and nature. This resulted in the transformation of the human world. Practical knowledge shaped not only human societies, but also the larger natural world around us, to the detriment of future life. Biological sciences delved into life’s very building blocks. New findings in the neurosciences continue to redefine and enlighten general human behaviors. In their continuous attempt to map out the human brain and its myriad functions, scientists are coming up with all sorts of interesting and at times disquieting discoveries. Our interest today is on one such revelation!
Recently, a preliminary but startling scientific discovery was made by a computer scientist and a couple of neuroscientists, which flatly asserts; the average human being is incapable of sound judgment due to a hole in the fronto-polar patch designated as Brodmann area 10 (BA10.) Evolutionary theory suggests due to rapid expansion of the human brain (the human brain is considered very large, brain to body ratio) this area of the front portion of the brain, which was once densely packed with neurons just went missing, at least in many of the cases! This missing area is thought to be associated with high-level judgmental capacity that takes into consideration long-term consequences of decisions currently taken! Moreover, it was also found out that intelligence has very little to do with making good & sound judgment!
There is now a rush to substantiate this preliminary finding. If the theory holds, there will be significant ramification on human’s collective existence. For example, why should society allow those with a substantial hole in their BA10 to become, say judges or top decision makers? Naturally those that lack this very critical portion of the brain, (associated with judgment) cannot be expected to understand the consequences of their own decisions. Allowing those with holes in positions of responsibilities might well be akin to letting a blind man ride a bicycle in a congested open market. No wonder why seemingly intelligent people have serious difficulties conceptualizing potential consequences of their/others actions.
Not long ago, psychopathy and sociopathy were not very well understood. Today and potentially, individuals and collectives with such mental afflictions can be easily identified and categorized so that their shortcomings will not adversely affect society at large. But this is not done automatically/widely as many of these sickos occupy very important posts within the existing global establishment. For instance a recent study conducted by UC Berkeley found; a high level of correlation in general temperament between criminals in jail and top bankers & CEOs of major corporations in the US. What separates the two is mostly the level of intelligence! The psychopaths who were not smart enough to become banksters became gangsters and ended up in jails, convicted of all sorts of crimes!
By the same token, intelligent people who can solve very complex problems might not be able to make good & sound judgments that are wisely anticipatory! Again, if the theory holds, identifying a hole in BA10 is a very easy procedure; all that is required is an image of a person’s functional MRI (fMRI). In the case of an army recruit for example, a flatfooted person cannot join the killing institution. A pilot cannot be color blind if she wants to become a captain with a commercial airline. At times a lie detector test-polygraph (however erroneous) is used to screen individuals for certain positions. We believe it is better to err on the side of caution on all things. In light of the above finding, it might well be wise to start screening/testing high officials/judges for JQ (Judgmental Quotient), however sketchy current scientific knowledge is!  
In general what is coming out from the many scientific investigations is; intelligence is not a be-all and end-all phenomenon, as the establishment intentionally insinuates! The phrase ‘emotional intelligence’ has already become a currency in psychology though we prefer to call it EQ (Emotional Quotient). The self-serving intention to always tag the ‘I’ must be discarded! The intelligence paradigm that has been weaving and spinning webs and webs of lies (think national intelligence agencies) in collective societal existence must be deconstructed in earnest, given the increased dissonance with current evidences in the neurosciences. The education system that prevails globally is one such institution that heavily relies on intelligence and unduly distorts reality in a lopsided manner. An intelligent person/collective is favored by the system whether the individual/collective is a psychopath/sociopath or shallow in his/their judgments! The Hitlers of this world were/are not altogether unintelligent!
The ‘science of evil-ponerology’, which was intentionally neglected by the establishment, because it was getting dangerously close to finding the sickos (in power) out, need to be revived. Don’t be surprised if the establishment starts to oppose advances in such new fields of inquiries, since these knowledge seem to threaten intelligence’s unwarranted reverence. It might not be long before it (intelligence) is dethroned from its pedestal.  For a start, nature’s vengeance has already kicked in. We can no longer postpone actions on many of our problems just because we don’t want to disrupt our precarious temporal conveniences.  Wise judgment is of the essence in a physically, economically and socially decaying/disintegrating world system. We believe: “Unless its intelligence is tempered with a deep sense of responsibility, Homo sapiens is bound to self distract.” Good Day!