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In the summer of 75, Mulugeta Tafesse applied to join the Fine Arts School of Addis Ababa along with his friends. He says his talent did not emerge until he was a 2nd or 3rd year student in the school.
Now, a successful artist, his paintings are admired by many. “Even as a student, I was always torn between the fine art practices and theories. Our art history and aesthetics lecturer, the prominent art historian, Seyoum Wolde encouraged me to continue both my theoretical and practical efforts,” he said.
He went own to live in Bulgaria for 10 years and then applied for the post graduate program at the National Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, where he lives and works currently as an artist-in-residence at Studio Start.
The artist has had a lot of exhibitions, both solo and group, shown in different countries. Lucky for art lovers and his fans, Mulugeta had an exhibition right here in Addis Ababa at the Alliance Ethio-Française on Monday April 28th.
“I would say I’m more an expressive or idealist painter who aims to create newer superficies. I show, in a different way, people and their habitats: we all know human figures, and human figures acting in front of buildings, riveted and held on by their own inventions, we also know those particular and tough situations that these figures are pulled into,” he stated.
This year, Mulugeta Tafesse plans to join a residency program in Mexico City.