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Name: Biruke Getachew
Education: Degree in marketing management
Company name: Biruke Mulegeta Construction
Studio title: Owner/Manager
Founded: 2013
What it does: Finishing works for buildings
HQ: Around Semen Hotel
Number of employees: 15

Startup capital: 15,000  Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: Financial freedom and being able to be responsible for myself 
Biggest plus of ownership: To be free and enhance creativity
Biggest strength: Striving to succeed with my ideas 
Biggest weakness: Ignoring small things
Biggest worry: Shortage of finance
Favorite task: Working with my colleagues
Most challenging task: Winning a tender 
Plan: To be a grade one contractor 
First career: Accountant 
Most interested in meeting: None
Most admired person: Meles Zenawi
Stress reducer: Walking and hiking
Favorite pastime: Spending time with friends
Favorite book: “Fiker Eskemekaber” by Addis Alemayhu
Favorite destination: Mezan Teferi
Favorite automobile: Toyota Rav 4
Favorite film: Unfaithful