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If you are looking for a relaxed and fun filled evening to take your mind off of the World Cup fiesta and the noise that comes with it , there is always a choice of entertainment. And that is the soothing guitar and voice concert by Munit and Jörg at the Italian Cultural Institute this coming Tuesday, June 17.
The concert is organized with the collaboration of the Goethe-Institute and the Italian Cultural Institute and promises to bring a show what the singers are known for; interactive and fun.
The duos are known to create a unique and energized blend of Ethio-Acoustic Soul music. Their music is different from what we usually get to see and many of their fans state that the artists brought a new style of musical performance and a unique sound to the contemporary music scene.
According to music lovers, Munit and Jörg are the only ones doing only a guitar and voice duet that is actively working in the city but since they formed their two person group, they have influenced many up and coming artists, with “acoustic bands” now peppering the city’s live music scene.
Their most recent album was released in March 2013 and it was simply titled “፪።2” .The title is meant to represents the fact that it is the two of them that were the executive producers and artistic directors of the project. It is also their second album and the blend of two cultures that has created their unique music.
So, save the date, the concert will be at 6:30 pm and free!