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Our world system has entered a phase of intense chaos and violence. Noticeably, more and more nation states are unwittingly succumbing to this widespread veracity. The main reason behind the continued global turmoil is the obduracy of the collective global entrenched interests in refusing to recognize the unfolding/impending concrete conditions, be they in the world of humans or nature at large!
In attempting to preserve the unsustainable status quo, entrenched interests have been relying on all sorts of trickery and manipulations. The dominant interests’ systemic indoctrination/brainwashing of the beast (human mass) is still very pronounced, even though its effectiveness is being eroded rather severely, thanks to modern informatics, et al. In addition, the time proven strategy of preaching lies after lies ad infinitum is also hitting the wall, compliment of recent revelations of the system’s canny machinations of politics, economics, etc.  Even scientific evidences have been tainted to satisfy the narrow objectives of the status quo (altering data/evidence in atmospheric sciences/climate change, etc.) Given these challenging developments, the status quo has resolved to forcefully deal with the new tendencies, thereby unleashing violence and chaos all over. Unsurprisingly, this violent approach/strategy is encountering difficulties on the ground! Today we will look at the situation in the Middle East, particularly Iraq.
Iraq seems to be on its way to creating three ethnically and religiously fragmented mini-states (Kurds, Shi’ites, Sunnis.) Such scenario was contemplated earlier by dominant powers of the prevailing world system, mostly to facilitate easy access to the region’s natural resources, specifically fossil fuel. Almost all attempts to forge a reconfiguration of the region (at least by outside forces) were and still are driven by the old accumulative spirit. So there is nothing new here!  But the way current situations are unfolding on the ground, concerns are rising as to the final outcome of the raging unpredictable conflagration. For a start, the beast is now reasserting itself on many fronts, mostly by leveraging its traditions/religions and in the long run this spells trouble to the status quo.
The currently ascending protagonist in the region, the ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) seems to have a larger agenda than just the mere partitioning of Iraq and from the look of it, this entity might not be wieldy. Its desire (it seems) is to set up a caliphate initially composed of a good portion of Syria & Iraq, if not more. Given the neglect the beast had suffered for decades, one should not be surprised if the long-term intentions of the ascendant powers appeal to the downtrodden of the broader Middle East. Right now the game seems to be financially orchestrated by the aristocrats of some of the oil kingdoms in the Sunni majority countries. The question in the mind of the privileged segment of the status quo is; once unleashed, can such movements be effectively contained, let alone controlled? To some extent the ISIS is/was armed (directly/indirectly) by the West in its desire to get rid of Syria’s current government, which is by far more secular and tolerant than the ISIS and the rest.  In the words of a Christian evangelist; ‘Since 2009, with President Obama’s policies in the Middle East, there has been a systematic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East.’ Elijah Abraham.
Four centuries ago, Catholics were relentlessly and ruthlessly fighting Protestants in Europe. A quarter of a millennium ago, descendants of the British who settled in North America were fighting the British Empire itself in what is now called the American war of Independence. Nazi Germany was fighting almost everyone seventy years ago, etc., etc. Today all these historical confrontations don’t weigh much when it comes to forging new geopolitical alliances. We believe, sooner than later, the beast across the Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Gulf will come to its senses and forge a new quiet future, pretty much devoid of the violent conflicts we are witnessing today. Naturally such thoughts send shudder to the old guard/status quo, from wherever it hails! We have a formidable historian to back us on our thesis.
Unfortunately, entrenched interests have not been known to approach tumultuous scenarios in a calm and enlightened manner. These entities are literally slaves of their own invincibility; hence lack the humility to open up to more rational choices, however obvious, easy and palatable they might be to the general beast. This comes from power driven mindset; think empires – Roman, Ottoman, British, etc. Up until now the reaction of the powers that be (to the changing world) is to literally pound nations that exhibit independent streaks (Libya, Syria, etc.,) while mercilessly plundering obedient vassals (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.) Congressman Michael McCaul (homeland security committee) recently pronounced; ‘the success of ISIS is the greatest national security threat since 9/11.’ Though we believe the world system has entered its final dangerous and chaotic phase, the most powerful political honcho of the system thinks otherwise. “The world is less violent than it has ever been.” President Barack Obama (May 2014). Good Day!