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The Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (WWDSE) has earned 220 million birr from 42 projects in the last 11 months.

Executive Officer Shimeles Mulugeta told Capital that this is a record profit for them. It is 11 million birr higher than the previous year.
The company has supervised construction, designs and studies which are undertaken across the country.  
The Enterprise has completed  the Haromaya Sanitation Project and  it soon will begin constructing Kuraz Sugar Factory. It has designed the Gullele Botanical Garden, Awash Bridge and an irrigation drainage project.
It has also completed corporate projects such as the Kesem Melka Sedi Tremal Power Plant and the  Melka Sedi Electrical Resistivity Survey Projects.
Shimeles says that even though the Enterprise is excited about its performance; land demarcation, compensation fees, trained human power, and finances still pose challenges for WWDSE.
For the coming fiscal year, 45 different projects are in the pipeline. This entails the Lower and Upper Awash Dam and Irrigation Study, Legedadi Irrigation Study and the Kuraz  Tendaho Sugar Factory.
The Enterprise also signed a memorandum of understanding with MWH Global, and agreed to work together on domestic and international projects.
MWH Ethiopia manager, Moges Ayalew, said ‘’the agreement will enable both organizations to  provide quality service, design and study for different water projects in Ethiopia.’’
Tesfaye Kidane, Supportive Service Deputy Chief of WWDSE also said that the collaboration will strengthen his organization’s performance in local and international projects.