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Playwright and director Aristide Tarnagda was trained under Jean-Pierre Guingané, a man who founded the theater fraternity and who is also a director, playwright, designer and author of several theatrical plays.
When Tarnagda started out, he became an actor by accident when he volunteered for a theatre workshop at his high school in Koudougou. After graduating, he moved to the capital and became a successful writer. Among his work is “Et si je les tuais tous madame?” which translates into “What if I killed them all, madam?” and which was shown at the Alliance Ethio-Française on Thursday June 19th.
The play in the beginning shows a young man calling on a woman waiting at a red light in her car. Very quickly, a monologue begins, that portrays a man caught up between truth and lies of a life in waiting. The play tells of poverty, exile, abandonment, dreams and disappointments, but also the irrepressible need to move forward.
The play combines theater with modern music like Faso Kombat’s hip hop as well as traditional music like that of Hamidou Bonssa’s. The play has been described as a highly contemporary play, with a universal reach, that questions the human within us.
Tarnagda’s other works include Terre rouge (Red Earth) and Les Larmes du ciel d’août (The Tears of the August Sky).