Mediator to intervene as Sheraton, employees ordered back to negotiations


The Addis Ababa Labour Relations Board ordered the Sheraton Addis Basic Labour Union and the hotel’s management to return to the bargaining table with a mediator.
The Labor Union and management both made conflicting claims saying that each side was unwilling to negotiate a new agreement.

Since the latest impasse in the ongoing dispute arose, the labour union has  presented the issue to several government offices and concerned organizations like the Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU) and National Tourism, Hotels and General Services Labour Union Industrial Federation. Even though some of them have responded there has been no solution to the issue.
Later the National Tourism, Hotels and General Services Labour Union Industrial Federation filed a claim on the issue to the advisory board, that hears labour related issues.
On Tuesday June 24th, the board, located around Kazanches, ordered the two bodies to restart negotiations and attempt to reach a final agreement by July 8th.  To come up with a collective agreement it appointed the Addis Ababa City Administration Labour and Social Affairs Bureau to act as a third party.
The situation appears to be worsening with time as the union is now claiming the management has issued new administrative procedures reducing the benefits of workers.
It claimed that on Monday June 23rd the management issued a new service charge distribution procedure, penalizing employees who miss work when it is not their day off, a public holiday or annual or maternity leave.
The union also claimed that late this week the management reduced the amount of the employees’ provident fund.
Earlier this month, the hotel management disclosed that the benefits specified in the collective agreement were no longer valid because the collective agreement had expired.
Before a collective bargaining agreement expires, either the management or the labour union needs to ask for another deal, according to the nation’s law.
Sources said that the labour union has tabled its proposal for further negotiation.