Norway gives $60 mln for green Ethiopia


Norway is giving USD 60 million to the Ministry of Environment and Forests to help with green projects. At a press conference on Tuesday June 24 at Hilton Hotel, Norway announced the generous pledge to support Ethiopia’s green growth strategy and forest protection activities.
Tine Sundtoft, Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment, said that the assistance is being extended to support the determined efforts of Ethiopia to control climate change and carry out green economic development.
The pledge consists of a support package including USD 10 million of which USD five million will be dispersed for results achieved in 2013 and the remaining five million will be paid if results are achieved in 2014. She said that up to USD 50 million will be provided in multi-annual support for the implementation of the Oromia Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) pilot programme.
Belete Tafere, Minister of Environment and Forests, said the funding would help Ethiopia to curb deforestation and carbon emissions.
“Norway is one of the strong supporters of the environment and the climate issue and it has also been a strong supporter for Africa in terms of climate change. During her two day visit she spoke about climate change and environmental issues with relevant government officials,” Belete said.
“The main objective of her visit was to hold talks and come up with a mutual plan to implement international negotiations on climate change, and during this time Norway approved a significant amount for the Ministry so they could carry out projects,” the Belete explained.
According to Belete, the pilot project has already begun and in the near future will be widely implemented.
In 2011, Ethiopia launched a green national development plan (Climate Resilient Green Economy-CRGE) with the goal of reaching middle income status by 2025 without increasing the national emissions from the 2010 level.
Norway and Ethiopia have signed a bilateral results-based, three phased REDD+ partnership agreement for the years 2013-2020. In addition, it has entered into supplementary agreements with the World Bank, the Global Growth Institute, UK’s Department for International Development, civil society organizations and academia to support the authorities’ REDD+ Readiness work.
Norway and the United Kingdom entered into a climate partnership with Ethiopia during the COP meeting in Durban in December 2011. Norway has announced support for the implementation of the CRGE strategy for clean energy, agriculture and forests.