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The locally based National Aviation College and three Chinese state owned universities signed a collaboration agreement to train Ethiopian students in aviation science.
The two year old National Aviation College, a sister company of National Airways, a locally based air  transportation company, signed the agreement with Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU), Liaoning Shihua University and Liaoning University on Monday June 30 at the Capital Hotel in Addis Ababa. Representatives of the universities were in attendance.
According to Gezahegn Birru, dean of the National Aviation College, the agreement between the local college and Shenyang Aerospace University will benefit Ethiopian students because they will receive practical aviation training.
Aviation aeronautical engineering, aircraft design, manufacturing, and maintenance are some of the trainings that will be provided by National Aviation College in collaboration with Shenyang Aerospace University at post graduate level.
According to officials of the two institutions students will be able to get training in Ethiopia and Shenyang Aerospace University in China and can potentially obtain further education up to a PhD in Aviation Science.
Abera Lemmi (Capt.), General Manager of National Airways, said they plan to make the classes affordable.
The courses will also feature instructors from Shenyang Aerospace University.
The college had also planned to link with a US based aviation school but was unable to do so because the price would make it unaffordable for students.
Currently the college has 140 students studying ticketing, reservation, cargo operations, airport operations and how to be a cabin crew.
They have received recognition from International Air Transport Association (IATA) and students graduating next month will receive certification if they meet the criteria set by the IATA.
Abera said that there are two other state institutions that can provide additional aviation training.
National Aviation College is now in the process of obtaining a permit from the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority to begin courses on becoming a pilot and aircraft technician.
Since it was founded by the government in 1952, Shenyang Aerospace University has been one of the key aeronautical universities in China. While focusing on Engineering, SAU offers 46 disciplines of undergraduate study, 50 disciplines of graduate study and joint programs for doctorates. SAU has established co-operative agreements with over 200 universities and companies around the globe and an active exchange program for both teachers and students. Degrees from Shenyang Aerospace University are recognized world-wide.