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For those of you who love everything about food, a fairly new local blog called ‘boodfloogers’ has been frequenting the web.
Although there have been several other similar blogs that start with  flashy, interesting pictures and stories, they usually fail to keep up and after a few posts, they just fade out.

With boodfloggers, it looks like it might go a little differently. The blog is written by non-professional critics, and people that provide interesting insights and recommendations through reviewing restaurants, featuring chefs and recipes.
The blog is written by two individuals who call themselves CJ and K. They have the talent for writing funny and catching stories about the restaurants they visit, complete with brilliant pictures to make the whole thing more colorful and appealing.
Besides the reviews of different eateries, the blog also features Chefs willing to share their experiences and secrets to becoming successful in the food industry. This provides an insight into the operations of restaurants in Addis Ababa and beyond.
Recipes are also put up regularly on the blog again accompanied by pictures. The recipes are written clearly making it easy for people to follow directions.
boodfloggers is regularly updated with new information which keeps readers interested and also engages, asking them to recommend places to visit.
Google the blog and become part of the delicious world of food.