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The Documentation and Authentication Registration Office (DARO), has registered impressive achievement during the past budget year.
The registration office that is responsible for Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa City Administrations has surpassed the target which was set at the beginning of the 2013/14 budget year. In the budget year the office targeted to collect 160 million birr from the service it renders, while the actual collection was 172 million birr.
The office had planned to undertake 505,000 cases in the stated period but managed to undertake 526,633, which is 104 percent of its goal. The number of clients who get service from DARO reached 1.1 million which is 109 percent achievement compared with the target, which was one million.
According to a statement DARO sent to Capital, it planned to transfer 117 million birr to the government treasury but it was able to transfer 133 million birr, which is 114 percent higher of its target. 
Compared with the 2012/13 budget year achievement, the past year’s performance has registered 16 percent increase in terms of revenue.
“The investment and trade deals by local and international investors has greatly contributed in boosting the authentication office business,” DARO’s statement explained.
DARO’s document have been recognized by many international bodies and the agency is pleased with that, according to the statement.
New laws including the trade license and registration issued by the government has also increased the number of clients who need to come to DARO for legalization. According to the new trade license and registration law, every business who rents an office has to finalize their deal with the house owners at DARO.
The office has 11 branches in Addis Ababa and one in Dire Dawa and serve up to 3500 clients every day.
During the current budget year it has targeted to undertake 684,623 cases and to serve 1.4 million clients. It has also planned to collect 200 million birr from services that it provides for clients.