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People can be like trains making unscheduled stops along the way but inevitably always arriving. The new rails that have sprung up around Addis Ababa this year have captured people’s imaginations. Like the new expressways being opened up, they evoke a sense of freedom, adventure and romance.
Like trains a nation must inevitably arrive at its destination and EC 2006 was the fourth of the five year GTP, we are closing in on a major station.  There were scheduled and unscheduled stops along the way and sectors moved at different speeds. Like train tracks our lives also stretch out before us. As we watch the years roll on by, we sometimes forget that in the larger picture of statistics and ‘big’ stories are the individual people (like the laborer pictured above helping construct the light rail) working toward the goals and route chosen for the collective good. We also sometimes overlook that with each new year there is a chance to assess if we are on the right track and consider new places to visit or if we want to keep riding the same line and sometimes we discover that the something new we have been waiting for is just around the bend.
After all life is a journey not a destination.