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Aberash Bekele, who’s Difret film was based on her life  story said that the writer of the film did not  ask her permission to write and to portray the film on the cinema.
The film, which cost USD one million, and won two international film awards, has been banned from the Ethiopian cinema until the issue can be resolved.
On September 3 the film was supposed to Premiere but a court order halted the screening.
In a taped message, Angelina Jolie, who helped produce the movie thanked the filmmaker in a speech before the screening was stopped. 
The story about a 14 year old girl who kills her rapist but is found innocent with the help of her lawyer was a BBC documentary 14 years ago.
“I was in Dubai when the film officially inaugurated in Berlin and I wrote the writer and asked him why he made the script without my permission but he didn’t reply” Aberash told Capital.
She added that she meet the writer on September 2 and asked him about compensation for the film and he said he would help her personally but did not appear to be serious. She said that she has not received any money from the producers.
Aberash ended up in jail for 7 months after she shot the rapist and the case was eventually solved with a 9,000 birr compensation payment. She said the film could impact her personal life or could rekindle tensions.
Zersenay Berhane who wrote the screenplay says that he hopes the film’s message will help stop gender based violence. He says he could not find her to get permission but said that he made an oral agreement to compensate her.