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New Year same holiday market vibe

The New Year has come knocking once more and people are getting things in order to receive it in a proper manner. Like other holidays, this includes buying different food items, among other things.
The New Year is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in Ethiopia, thus it is very festive and such occasions require a special feast. This week, many people head out to get their shopping out of the way a bit earlier and the market seems to be very crowded already.
Price tags on food items have not shown much difference when they are compared with the Easter holiday market. This means people are still complaining about the same problems they faced during the last major holiday.
Similarly to other holidays, although the New Year holiday doesn’t follow right after a long fasting period like Easter, dairy products as well as poultry are high in demand as almost all of the festive foods to be prepared for the holiday require some of those ingredients.
Currently, live chickens are being sold at 120 to 140 Birr at the Shola market. Like always, supermarket chickens remain cheaper going for 110 to 120 Birr in most stores.
For buying sheep, the price depends on the area. Around Shola market a small sheep is being sold up to 1,500 Birr while the bigger sizes go up to 3,000 Birr, the prices for sheep have shown a slight increase for this holiday.
More and more people are letting go of the culture of slaughtering sheep in their home compound. For those people, there is always the choice of using services that offer slaughtering and delivering.
The other highly sought out ingredient is butter. This irresistible item is and has always been expensive with the top quality kind known a ‘Sheno Lega’ currently selling at 180 per kilo. For those who do not want to be extravagant there is the second grade butter selling for 140 per kilo.
Most people would not think to use table butter in their cooking but this particular kind, once infused with the right spices, it tastes the same as the other kinds. There are several brands of table butter being sold in almost all supermarkets usually selling for 45 Birr per piece.
A variety of vegetables are also available for those who are planning to ease on consuming animal products. Good quality onions per kilo are currently being sold at 8.50 to 9.50 Birr and tomatoes 13 to 15 Birr per kilo, again depending on the quality.
Carrots are being sold at 11 to 12 Birr, potatoes for 11.50 to 12.00 Birr and cabbage for 4.50 to 5 Birr, all per kilo. Garlic has had become a highly sought out item but it is not cheap. This item is still being sold from 30 to 45 Birr, depending on the area.
The price tag on the above mentioned items might change in the days leading to the New Year holiday, and if past holiday experiences have taught us anything, it is that they will probably get more expensive.
Holidays bring with them huge business opportunities for many different kinds of business owners. The trend of giving out discounted prices on items like clothes, shoes, electronics and furniture has started becoming a part of the upcoming holiday.
It has already been a couple of weeks since shops across Addis Ababa started displaying ‘BIG SALE’ and ’75 % OFF’ signs on their windows. Although most shops have those signs, it does not necessarily mean they will actually give discounts, instead they offer fake discounted prices saying it was much higher previously.
The online shopping business is also flourishing as people take on the option of ordering items from the comfort of their homes. There are several online shopping services that are providing gifts items starting from wine, cake all the way to sheep. Of course, the prices on the items are much more expensive but the shopping services also provide free delivery which could be good for several reason including surprising loved ones.
Besides all the entertainment programs going on in most places in Addis Ababa for the holiday, one of the most looked forward to events is the New Years Exhibition held at the Addis Ababa Exhibition and Market Development Center.
It seems these exhibitions get bigger and better each year and this one is no exception. This year’s New Year exhibition offers shoppers a one stop experience with almost everything needed being found in one place. Because it is visited by so many people, those who are not fans of crowded areas should avoid visiting the exhibition center on the weekends. 
Holiday seasons also are opening up doors for some charity work. Currently there are people in some parts of Addis, including Bole, selling simple items such as candy, gum and tissue paper for charity. The spirit of giving has been extra high this holiday with a lot of back to school projects for young students, among other things.