The last time we had a deadly combination of widespread economic crisis along with a major war was in the early part of the 20th century. The stock market crash of 1929, which was directly associated with the economic crisis of the core countries of the world system, commonly known as ‘The Depression’, ultimately led to WWII. Unlike those days, all the countries of the world today (hence all the seven billion beasts=human mass) are fully integrated into the reigning global economic order. This means, the slightest economic problem arising in some corner of the world is automatically transmitted to the world at large. Most importantly and hidden to the gullible public, the current global economic condition, in some fundamental way, is much worse than the 1930s depression! As a result, humanity is now facing a spectre of another major world war!
Today’s creeping global war is presented (by entrenched interests) as a necessary evil; war on terror, humanitarian bombing, regime change, democratization, national interest, protecting allies, etc., etc. Unfortunately, unlike previous historical epochs, the ongoing low intensity global war might end up leveraging WMD. The carefully prepared weapons (ranging from nuclear to biological, etc.) if used irresponsibly, might become instrumental for ending human civilization! What is to be done? The most important thing to do, we believe, is to systemically and bravely deconstruct everything about the prevailing world order, starting from its economic logic to the attendant superstructures that are spawned by it. Unless such foundational analysis is braved and widely discussed with a view to encourage debate amongst the global beast, there is probably no way of preventing the planned destructive war emanating from the core institutions of the system, amongst which, NATO features prominently!
In a nutshell, the economic objective of the core countries of the system is to make sure economic/financial benefits accrue mostly to the connected global plutocracy. Such privileges are secured by way of direct economic activities as well as via other supra-economic conditions, namely the leveraging of political-military power! In this regard, the main pillar of the global order rests on the painstakingly built system of ‘unequal exchange’, vis-à-vis the periphery/semi-periphery. The dollarization of market transactions (commodities, etc.,) is part and parcel of this strategy. Even the ascendance of the EURO wouldn’t have been tolerated had it been feasible to maintain the sole use of the dollar. EURO is not directly targeted by the hegemon (up to now) because of the need to collectively defend the lopsided global system (on behalf of the core countries) from being dislodged, systemically and gradually by encroaching & ascending outliers like BRICS, etc. Five effective monopolies were effectively leveraged to sustain the polarizing global order. The armada of; weapons of mass destruction, historically and brutally accumulated finance, technology, natural resources (at the point of availability & transport route) as well as global/ dominant mass media. These effective monopolies have been used cleverly and brutally to protect the privileges of the ruling entities residing within the core countries of the system!
Currently these five monopolies are being eroded, rather significantly and it is this challenge that is making the status quo very, very nervous! In fact the reigning empire is so disturbed, it is now itching to start a major world war (probably under another massive false flag) to reconstitute the above monopolies. It is doubtful if this strategy will bear any fruit, save massive chaos across the world. There are five times more people in the world who think the USA is a threat to world peace as compared to Russia or China! All other nations, with the exception of the NATO countries and its affiliates, think Russia’s policy on Ukraine is by far saner than the US, NATO or EU, but the global propaganda machine will tell you otherwise; ‘Russia is isolated as a result of its Ukrainian policy.’ Baloney!  Countries of the periphery/semi-periphery that have tried to renegotiate their positions within the world system were severely penalized. Amongst the recent ones, we can include, Libya, Iraq, Iran, etc. For example, these countries wanted fair value for their natural resources, questioning the merit of the rigged system of exchanges, dominated by the dollar. Don’t forget paper currencies issued by the powerful and sundry are not backed by anything real! The hegemon is now trying to encircle China and Russia to strangle them to submission, (to King Dollar).  It is here where the potential flare up can be very dangerous!
To sustain the unsustainable, Empire cynically leverages age old/traditional differences between peoples as pretexts to further its interests (race, ethnicity, religions, etc.) Is there room for compromise between the core countries of the world system and the semi-peripheries/peripheries? From the look of it, the reigning entrenched interests don’t seem to be ready for concession. Unless the beast residing within Empire rises to challenge the misguided and polarizing policies of its ruling entities (that continue to leverage the nation states to attain their objectives) we might end up in a global war situation! We reiterate; unless the beast within the belly of the monster try to save the day by rejecting all belligerent moves, things might become very ugly. We admit, even in the West the space for debate has shrank significantly and as a result the western beast itself is very scared. Its life has become increasingly Orwellian, nay worse than Orwellian, it has become “Snowdian’, the highest form of Orwellian-ism!
Time for some distilled wisdom: “All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.”  George Orwell. “The strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars, but rather by its ability to prevent them.” Gene Roddenberry. “Lying and war are always associated. Listen closely when you hear a war-maker try to defend his current war: If he moves his lips he’s lying.” – Philip Berrigan (1923-2002), American peace activist and former Roman Catholic priest. Good Day!