More roads for Addis


By constructing 176km of new asphalt roads, 145km of gravel roads and 202km of cobble stone roads last fiscal year the road coverage in the capital has reached 17.5 percent which is almost a 2 percent increase from the previous year that was 15.64 percent. Fekade Haile, Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) manager said that this fiscal year they hope to increase the coverage to around 20 percent by adding 604km of roads.
To accomplish this goal, he says they will need 10 billion birr. One thing they are trying to attempt is construction of more cobble stone roads. In the last fiscal year 431.1 billion pieces of cobblestones were manufactured at a cost of 1.4 billion birr. AACRA had also paid 269.346 million birr as compensation when homes are relocated for roads this includes not only the cost of houses but electrical poles as well.
AACRA also said that the construction of cobblestone roads has been undertaken in all sub-cities last budget year.
Kolfe, Bole and Nifas-Silik Sub-cities were leading in accomplishing larger portion of the work. Most of the sub-base work of the cobblestone roads was carried out by the public, he added.
According to the Manager, the Authority has received 15 hectares of land through to expand production sites around Gewassa, Gelan Gora and Akaki Kaliti Sub-city. It is also ready to own a plot of land at Bole Sub-City Woreda 12 for cobblestone production.
The Authority is also in the process of rehabilitating Akaki Bridge which is the main corridor that connects Addis Ababa to the Port of Djibouti.