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The polish IT giant, Asseco Poland is working to modernize the billing system of the Ethiopian electric sector with a USD 10 million investment.
The company that signed a deal with the Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA) in mid March this year to develop the system with Ethiopia disclosed that it is also negotiating with two Ethiopian private IT firms with the aim of partnership in the country.
The two parties, Asseco and INSA, signed an agreement to jointly execute a project aiming to lay foundations for a modern energy market in Ethiopia. The contract value amounts to nearly USD 10 million and the project will be completed by the end of 2015, according to a statement from the company that it provided to Ethiopian journalists, in Warsaw, Poland early this week.
“Construction of a modern energy market is of strategic importance to the Ethiopian economy,” the statement said.
It will be created based on Asseco’s proprietary Asseco Utility Management Solutions (AUMS) software as well as extensive know-how in IT solutions for the energy sector. “Thus Asseco Poland has a chance to play a significant role in the development of information technology in Ethiopia and across Africa, and furthermore demonstrate to this continent that Poland is a country of innovative technologies which can be successfully implemented in the rapidly developing African economies,” the statement added.
In the past two years officials of the company have frequently visited the east African country with the goal of expanding their business in the continent via Ethiopia.
The company has also expressed its interest in being part of the IT technology development in the country along with local partners.
The Polish embassy and Jacek Jankowski, Polish Ambassador in Ethiopia, have played a large role in obtaining the investment, according to the company’s statement.
The concluded ‘INSA 2.0 Energy Enterprise Management System Development and Implementation Agreement’ and ‘ERP Solution Advisory Services Agreement’ both provide for the cooperation of Asseco and INSA in the area of implementing a software solution that is required to set up a modern energy market in Ethiopia.
An energy management system (EMS) is a system of computer-aided tools used by operators of electric utility grids to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of the generation and/or transmission systems.
For this purpose, Asseco will deliver and launch a comprehensive IT system able to manage the power consumption readings, based on its proprietary AUMS. In addition, Asseco will provide advisory services associated with the development of ERP software, and it will also share the necessary knowledge and IT technologies in order to enable INSA to build a modern energy market.
According to the statement, cooperation with Ethiopia is strategically important for the expansion of its product family of Asseco Utility Management Solutions into foreign markets. It said that the company achieved remarkable success which is the first measurable effect of its sales efforts in the African market. This project is also a great opportunity for further expansion of Asseco in Africa, not only in the power industry.
AUMS Billing is Asseco’s flagship product for the power industry, which has been tested at the IBM software laboratory in Singapore, and successfully implemented for Tauron Group, PGNiG Group, and Polkomte.
Asseco Poland has implemented numerous projects for the energy industry for over a dozen years. The company’s engineers designed and implemented modern IT systems for most of the energy companies in Poland.
Asseco is a reliable partner not only in designing IT solutions, but also offers know-how and experience in planning organizational changes, as well as development of new processes and operating methods for clients. Asseco Poland leverages on the internationally recognized models to improve efficiency of enterprises. These models have been adapted to the specific IT market needs and modified based on our experience gained during the implementation of complex projects for corporate clients.
Asseco joined the IT industry in 1991 and it also has a plan to work with the Ethiopian financial sector, public utilities and other industries that would benefit from its solutions. According to Artur Wiza, Managing Director at Asseco Poland, the company is currently negotiating with two Ethiopian companies to conclude a deal with the aim to work together in Ethiopia to develop the technology for Africa.
The Asseco Group is a federation of companies engaged in information technology and is quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and other international stock exchanges. It offers comprehensive, proprietary IT solutions for all sectors of the economy. This puts the Asseco Group among the top ten software vendors in Europe. The Asseco Group operates in most European countries as well as in Israel, USA, Japan and Canada.
Asseco develops and implements centralized and comprehensive IT systems for the banking sector. In addition, the company portfolio also includes advanced solutions for insurance institutions that have been implemented by major companies in the sector, as well as IT systems dedicated to public administration.
The Asseco Group is also successful in the provision of its products and services to the utilities sector, telecommunication and healthcare, local administration, agriculture, uniformed services as well as for international organizations and institutions such as NATO or the EU.