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The visit of the Polish high level government officials to Ethiopia and Tanzania that was scheduled to be held next month has been postponed.
The expected visit was canceled due to the current political restructuring. Poland has registered dramatic GDP growth despite economic instability affecting other countries in the European Union (EU).
Officials at the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of the Economy told Ethiopian and Tanzanian journalists at Warsaw, Poland early this week that the current Prime Minister Donald Tusk has been appointed as the new EU Council president effective at the beginning of the month.
The PM planned to visit the two east African countries early next month with the goal of increasing their economic foothold in Africa.
“His appointment makes it difficult for the PM to visit the two countries now,” officials explained.
Early this week speaker of the parliament Ewa Kopacz, 57, was appointed by the president to be interim prime minister until elections are held next year. The new PM has been engaged with the task of assembling her new cabinet. “Due to the internal political restructure the visit of the Polish officials and business leaders has been postponed for an unspecified period,” the officials said.

The officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Polish government is getting ready to  set another specific period for the visit before the end of this month.
“The new PM will visit the two countries as per the previous program in the near future,” they said.
According to the information from Ministry of the Economy, several companies will accompany the government delegation that will be lead by the new PM.
About 60 Polish companies from different sectors like manufacturing, construction, energy, mining, IT and others have already registered to be part of the visit. Currently, the Polish government is strongly expressing its interest in being part of the development on the African continent. With this in mind  the government formed the ‘Go Africa Program’ under the Polish Information and Investment Agency two years ago with the goal of helping the Polish private sector invest in Africa.
Slawomir Majman, Pesident of Information and Investment Agency, said that since the establishment of the new program the number of the companies who want to invest in the continent has increased.
For instance Ursus, one of the leading tractor and agricultural machinery manufacturers and Asseco have already established their business link with Ethiopian enterprises. When the visit does occur there is expected to be an agreement between the Polish Investment Agency and the Ethiopian Investment Commission to strengthen relations. 
One of the goals will be to sign a Memorandum of Understanding related to free trade.
About a year ago Beata Stelmach, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, accompanied by a business delegation of 20 companies came to Ethiopia but this would be the first time such a high level visit occurs.