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RENED Event Management Services organized an event called ‘Open Talk’ at Capital Hotel on Friday 19th 2014.

Open Talk, which is a program that is planed to be held four times a year, serves as a discussion platform on different issues that are thought to be interesting and informative.
“We are planning to hold the Open Talk event four times a year. The first session was very promising and those that have attended it have given us really good feedback. It is the first time we have organized our own event and as part of our social responsibility, we believe the Open Talk platform will be educational and informative on important issues,” said Eyerusalem Yilma, RENED’s Manager.
The first session of Open Talk focused on the topic of Economic Empowerment from a Gender Perspective. The session consisted of a presentation and then a question and answer where audiences participated in a heated discussion session.
“We wanted to make the Open Talk session short so that people didn’t get bored but quiet to the contrary, it turned out the time was short as everybody had more questions and discussion points. We were very happy to see that,” Eyerusalem said.
RENED, established around a year ago, is a company that organizes corporate events. It also works in event designing, event development and evaluation, logistics management as well as catering planning and management.
“When we select topics for our Open Talk event, we pick out topics that revolve around social issues. But we also want to give a speaking chance to people who are not well known but have something important to say. The topics could be about anything, it could be about social issues and it could also be about science, technology, new innovations, business and health,” said Nebiu Enquanhone, Project Manager at RENED.
The Open Talk event is aimed at giving audiences the opportunity to learn from professional speakers, get inspired and motivated and get the chance to network.
The speaking expert at the event on the topic of Economic Empowerment from a Gender Perspective was Zewdie Abegaz who has worked for women’s advancement for over 25 years.
“Tonight I had a presentation regarding the economic empowerment of women. When we talk about equality for women, there are different sides; education, political, health and others. But all this is not going to do much if a woman is not economically empowered. When women are economically empowered and educated, they will know their rights and they will stand for them,” Zewdi Abegaz said.
The presentation at the Open Talk focused on why it is important to narrow gender based disparities, challenges regarding that and proposed solutions. The realities of gender equality in Ethiopia were also explored.
Questions such as what needs to be done to create more business enabling environment and inclusive financial systems for women as well as if there is a need to establish an institution that looks after women entrepreneurs were asked.
Raised questions were met with many passionate and enlightening answers by the audiences who participated actively through out the event.
Open Talk was attended by ambassadors and local and international prominent personalities. Capital Newspaper is the media partner for the event,