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Alliance Ethio-Française has officially resumed its cultural events keeping us up to date on vibrant cultures from around the world through music, film, photography and painting exhibitions by local and international artists.
Tunisian born musician Jean-Pierre Smadja earned world recognition with his album “Equilibriste” although he released his first album in 1994. The album that made him famous was a fusion of electronic and acoustic sounds, which made it up to fourth on the European-World-Music-Charts.
On Wednesday September 24th, Smadja held a concert at the Alliance Ethio-Française. The famous musician played alongside Denis Guivarch who played the sax, Algerian born singer Sofiane Saidi as well as South African sensation MC Mo.
Smadja says that he grew up listening to Asian, Brazilian, funk, soul, and folk music. He was able to enter jazz school at the early age of 15 as he had an intense interest as well as talent for playing the guitar. Although he is trained in classical jazz, he is known for modernizing classical sounds into electronic ones.
The artist developed an interest for the mechanics of making music and that led him to pursue a degree in sound engineering, opening the door to a successful career as a recording and sound engineer for classical and folk musicians.